Financial reporting
The Board aims to ensure that all shareholders and investors have equal access to the company’s information. The Chairman, Managing Director and Company Secretary are responsible for ensuring compliance with these aims. The Company Secretary is responsible for all communications with the ASX. All price-sensitive information is disclosed to the ASX in accordance with the continuous disclosure requirements of the Corporations Act and the ASX Listing Rules. The company has established a process whereby Directors are kept advised of all statutory reporting requirements in advance and immediately advised of all announcements. The Company Secretary has advised all senior managers of the Company’s obligations under the continuous disclosure provisions of the ASX Listing Rules. The company considers it has complied with all of its continuous disclosure obligations.

Our shareholder communications strategy includes the following measures:

The Annual Report
Distributed to all shareholders, unless a shareholder has specifically requested not to receive the document. The Board ensures that the Annual Report contains disclosures required by the Corporations Act and the ASX Listing Rules

The Chairman’s Address
Presented at the Annual General Meeting

The Managing Director’s Address
Presented at the Annual General Meeting

The Half-Yearly Report
Sent to all shareholders, unless a shareholder has specifically requested not to receive the document
Half Yearly Report – 31 December 2006
Half Yearly Report – 31 December 2005

ASX Continous Disclosure
Notification of any significant matters regarding the Group in accordance with the ASX Listing Rules regarding Continuous Disclosure.

The Annual General Meeting
The Board encourages full participation of shareholders at the Annual General Meeting to ensure a high level of accountability and identification with our strategy and  goals. Important issues are presented to shareholders as single resolutions and in plain English. Shareholders are responsible for voting on the election of Directors.
The Auditor attends the Annual General Meeting. The Auditor’s presence at the meeting is acknowledged by the Chairman who invites shareholders to ask any questions of the Auditor relating to the conduct of the audit, or the preparation and content of the Audit Report.

Conflict of interest
In accordance with the Corporations Act and our own Constitution, Directors give standing notice on appointment of any interest that could potentially conflict with that of the company and must advise the Board of any changes. Where the Board believes a significant conflict of interest exists, the Director concerned does not receive the relevant Board papers and is not present at the meeting while the item is considered.

Directors’ dealing in company shares
Our Constitution does not preclude Directors from acquiring shares in the company. It is our policy, however, that Directors only buy or sell shares in the company in the six week period immediately following any price-sensitive announcement. Board approval is required for transactions made outside of this period. All transactions are subject to the overall restriction that persons may never deal in any securities when they are in possession of price-sensitive information.
In accordance with the provisions of the Corporations Act and the ASX Listing Rules, the Company Secretary advises the ASX of any transactions conducted by Directors in shares in the company. All Directors have entered into written agreements to notify the Company Secretary when they buy or sell company shares. This information is also reported to the Board.