Bulk Liquids Transportation - Dangerous and Explosive Goods Transport


Our unrivalled safety record has made us the market leader in the transport of dangerous goods and bulk liquids transportation, and licensed explosives specialists.

Chemtrans offers nationwide transportation of dangerous goods of the full spectrum of dangerous liquids, chemicals, explosives and other products by road, rail and sea. We are flexible enough to meet the handling requirements of the most specialised materials. In fact, sometimes we’re the only Australian company willing to transport certain products.

Safety lies at the heart of everything we do, from our meticulous procedures and risk assessments to our comprehensive staff training while organizing transport of dangerous goods or bulk liquids transportation.

In fact, when it comes to dangerous products, we’re simply the most trusted name in the business. We are the carrier of choice for dangerous goods transport for all the major companies in the chemical industry, including Orica, Dow and BASF. We also work for a range of clients in mining, manufacturing and other industries, with an outstanding on-time delivery rate of 99.98%.

As well as distributing dangerous materials, we offer complementary services including warehousing and supplying additional equipment. Plus, our staff often provide advice to clients on issues ranging from plant and equipment set-up to safety procedures and training.
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Our fleet
Chemtrans can provide special vehicles for a diverse range of chemicals and delivery sites for dangerous goods transport. Our fleet includes stainless steel and aluminium containers, corrocoat lined tankers and rubber tanks for sulfuric acid, utilising semi-trailers and B-doubles by road and ISO containers by rail.

Other services
Chemtrans can also supply you with transport for gas, cement and lime, and liquid food supplies:

Gas transport
Our Gastrans division offers specialised transport for gas products including liquid petroleum gas (LPG), anhydrous ammonia and vinyl chloride monimor. Transfer systems and recovery equipment ensure a consistently high level of safety and reliability. Available only in Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

Pneumatic transport
Our Flowtrans division provides haulage for cement, lime, sand and other materials which require a pneumatic tanker. We use specialised equipment including road tankers fitted with blowers for efficient product discharge. Available nationwide.

Food transport
Our Foodtrans division delivers bulk liquid food supplies using specialised road tankers and ISO tanks. A wide variety of food products including vinegar, yeast, alcohol, edible oils and brewed drinks are transported. Available nationwide.