Hazardous Goods Transport -
Transportation Of Dangerous Goods

Company Overview

Welcome to Scott Corp, Australia's leading specialist transporter of hazardous materials and bulk solids..

Operating from 20 branches across the country, we are a truly unrivalled national carrier with expertise in hazardous goods transport, the transport of bulk liquids and solids by rail, road and sea.

We are renowned for our track record in making safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation of dangerous goods, a record underpinned by our highly trained staff, world-class equipment and rigorous safety procedures.

That means you can rely on us for on-time delivery and minimise the risk of costly delays and incidents related to the transportation of dangerous goods. Our promise to you is safety, performance and peace of mind when transporting hazardous goods.

Find out more about our two key operating divisions:

Bulktrans, for the transport of all varieties of dry bulk goods, such as coal, minerals, construction materials, grain and agricultural products

Chemtrans, for the transport of dangerous and hazardous acids, liquids and chemicals, as well as gas, cement and liquid food supplies.

Transportation of dangerous goods