Hyde Park

Australia’s Number 1 Tanker Depot.

Servicing both the ISO Tank Container and Road Tanker Industries for over 10 years, Hyde Park has developed into the most effective cleaning, repair and modification operation in Australia.

Operating to the highest standards of accreditation, washing at Hyde Park ensures peace of mind for manufacturers and carriers alike that their line of product stewardship is not compromised. Steam heating of loaded tanks is another feature of our operations with capacity for 5 tanks to be heated at any given time 

Our repair facility operates within client specific repair criteria or to the ITCO (International Tank Container Organisation) standards, with our surveyors trained to IICL standards as well.

Employing around 25 people, Hyde Park is able to minimise turnaround time for equipment without compromising standards.

Tanker Washing is carried out in a three bay drive through facility where motor controlled remote high pressure cleaning apparatus  are used to ensure total coverage of tank interiors. Hyde park offers clients a fully integrated on site operation with accreditation and licensing and testing from EPA and Melbourne Water.

A fully integrated container tracking system enables real time status updating to ensure turnaround times are not compromised.

Vapour Recovery & Treatment System.

This system allows us to wash any product in accordance with the EPA and is the only system of its kind in Australia licensed with the EPA.

The system has dedicated ducts that draw air from the tanks. The system is designed to apply direct negative pressure to each tanker compartment or container vessel, this way all odours and hazardous vapour are captured at the source. A negative pressure hose is connected to the tank before opening the main hatch and a general capture duct is attached to the stream spray skirt/apron.

The system comprises of two sets of wet scrubbers, three fans and a carbon scrubber whcih filters the air. All the hazardous vapours are passed over a set of carbon impingement plates which collect the particle matter. The plates are then disposed of in a controlled manner having no impact on the environment.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Complete repair of ISO tanks with a dedicated repair staff of 10
  • Survey to in-service, off-hire and on-hire standards
  • IBC cleaning
  • Steam heating of loaded tanks
  • External ISO Tank Cleaning
  • Repair survey photography
  • Empty Container Storage
  • Statutory Testing
  • Fleet supervision

As a good corporate citizen Hyde Park embraces responsibility for the company’s actions and compliance with environmental standards, and is highly focused on active compliance with all safety and environmental requirements.

Where ISO Tanks or Road Tankers are brought to us for washing they do need to be empty. Any product residue will attract a fee for disposal if not empty.