Dangerous Goods Transport -
Transport Of Bulk Solids


Our safety mantra guides everything we do.

You see it in the way we hire and train our people for dangerous goods transport or transport of bulk solids, in our regular capital replacement program and in our painstaking safety and health procedures.

We also apply the same high standards across the company to both employees and contractors. So whether we are transporting dangerous goods like acid in the Top End or bulk solids like coal in Port Kembla, you'll receive the same consistent performance from us.

Comprehensive training
New drivers undergo a six-week driver training program led by our full-time driver trainer and update their skills on an ongoing basis. Drivers also undergo stringent medical, psychometric and drug and alcohol testing. 

Quality equipment
We use only best vehicles and replace our fleet regularly to ensure optimal performance during dangerous goods transport or the transport of bulk solids. We also use the highest quality protective gear, including Goretex chemical splash-resistant suits.

Constant monitoring
A network of safety and health committees gather at monthly meetings to act on safety issues as they arise. The system is overseen by our national Safety Committee and full-time Safety, Health and Environment Manager.
Emergency response

Located across the country, our Emergency Response Vehicles provide trained staff with specialised equipment in the event that a spill does occur during the transport of bulk solids or any dangerous goods. Emergencies can be called in through our national emergency response number: 1800 190 900.

Systems and Procedures
Regular compliance checks, risk assessments and operating manuals all help us maintain the levels of safety we are renowned for. We are also accredited by the two relevant industry bodies, PACIA (for Chemtrans) and Trucksafe (for Bulktrans).

Our procedures are also constantly updated as we develop new solutions to make transport safer, from our fatigue management training system to the automatic load covers on our bulk tipping fleet which help to reduce injuries from falls.